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Cake Decorating Masterclass
Monday 4th March 2024

Three Little Birds Bakery, 14 Cavendish St, Keighley, BD21 3RG


*This class is suitable for home bakers who have worked with cake and buttercream before but want to improve their skills. Not suitable for total beginners*

We know so many of you can bake an excellent sponge cake, but are filled with a cold fear when it comes to decorating. How often have you spent agonising hours trying to get your cake level, your buttercream the right consistency and your decoration on point, only to reach the verge of tears and want to throw the cake out of the window? Yeah, that was us too. Let us teach you all our tips and tricks and take the stress away so you can fill, stack and decorate your cakes with confidence, and maybe even enjoy it!


In this class we will teach you how to make Swiss meringue buttercream, which is the perfect buttercream to achieve that smooth finish. You'll learn how to assemble your cake safely and sturdily, making sure your layers don't slide and your cake is firmly stuck to your board for transport. We'll teach you how to finish your cake with a beautiful, sharp, buttercream semi-naked finish. We'll then teach you how to achieve a gorgeous drip effect, how to use gold leaf, how to effectively and most importantly SAFELY adhere fresh flowers to your cake, and add optional fresh fruit/macarons to complete the look.


It will be lots of fun, we'll provide all the materials and refreshments, and you'll go away having met some lovely new people, gained a ton of confidence and knowledge and with a beautiful cake you can be proud of.


You can choose your flavour of cake between Victoria sponge, lemon and chocolate. There are just 5 spaces on this course to allow us to have plenty of 1:1 time with you all. 


Allergens: eggs, milk, gluten, soya

Cake Decorating Masterclass - 04/03/24

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