Raffle Ticket for Keighley Foodbank

Raffle Ticket for Keighley Foodbank


You can win this cake for just £2 by buying a raffle ticket for it to raise money for Keighley Salvation Army Foodbank.


Like many of us I was absolutely devastated, despairing and angry when our MP for Keighley, Robbie Moore, this week voted against the bill to provide meal vouchers for children in the school holidays.


At such a difficult time for the nation, when working families have faced the biggest increase in poverty for decades, when the Universal Credit system is broken, and when we are facing the biggest recession of our lives, I believe that it's our moral responsibility to do everything we can to provide a safety net for those who need one. It could be any of us at any time; all it takes is a few difficult circumstances.


As a family we donate each month to the Trussell Trust, a national network of Food Banks, but I want to do something through my business to provide support to local families and show my concern.


So I'm raffling off a celebration cake in this style for £2 per ticket. If you win, you get to choose the date you want this cake for (any time from November 2nd) and can personalise the topper and some of the decoration.


You can buy as many tickets as you want. All the money - ALL the money, I'm going to pay for materials and ingredients myself - will go to Keighley Salvation Army Foodbank.


The winner will be selected on Saturday 1st November at random.


Thank you.

    © 2020 by Rebecca Severs. Photos by Andrew King Photography (http://www.andrewkingphotography.co.uk/) and Rebecca Severs.